“I would like to congratulate you and your colleagues for the first class facilities at Yeronga for our staff at the elite training centre…” Andrew Demetriou CEO Australian Football League


“As CEO of AFL Queensland, I compliment you on your responsiveness to the unique needs of the project which encompasses both sporting requirements in terms of player amenities and office administration. I was impressed with your ability to translate our requirements into designs and in particular the creative approach you undertook to meet our visions for the building.”  Richard Griffiths CEO AFL Queensland 2010


“You have shown a level of professionalism and attention to detail that gives confidence to us as clients. Your presence at our reference group meetings has enhanced the planning process immensely and your willingness to attend meetings outside your brief on request has made my job so much easier. You have been very easy to work with even when we have had some significant challenges to overcome at times.” Ken Houliston Executive Director: The Spot Community Services Ltd


“You guided us through an unfamiliar development process and provided consideration and advice for any matters we raised throughout the project.” Clinton Aitkenhead


”We loved the house from the first moment we saw it, however, it wasn’t until we lived in it that we came to fully appreciate the expertise that had gone into it, Visually, the interior is stunning with lots of interesting angles, varying ceiling and floor heights, and a feeling of wide open spaces as the house soaks up the magnificent Moreton Bay views. The kitchen is a real “statement”, and the master bedroom must be the best bedroom in Brisbane. How many beds can you lie in and watch the sunrise over the horizon without getting up? These are the obvious advantages of this home, all a result of clever architecture, But what inspired me to write this reference for John is not the “obvious”. Those are the sorts of things you’d expect in an architecturally designed house, What I feel so strongly about are the less obvious, but vitally important functional aspects of this home. The little things that make living here such a pleasure. For starters, the house is very cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. We very rarely turn the air conditioning on! This is because of the way the doors and windows have been strategically positioned to take full advantage of the bay breezes, and the high thermal mass wall in the centre of the house that keeps the house cool or warm, depending on the season.” Joy Baird


“John is one of those great design professionals that you rarely work with in the development industry that can balance innovation and creativity with attention to detail and the ability to look through a project from concept to completion with both sustainability and buildability in mind.” Mark Spedding Senior Development Manager at Villa World Developments Pty Ltd


“I have known and worked with John for many years, having shared guest lecturing/tutoring roles with him at the UQ School of Architecture, collaborating on a number of sustainable development/architecture projects, and as part of a 2011 QUT Faculty of Built Environment exhibition.

As an architect and sustainability practitioner, John demonstrates through his work that sustainable development is as much about good design without overt complexity, as it is about innovative technology used appropriately.

He is passionate about systemic change in our built environment, linking planning, design and architecture to create enduring, sustainable, livable places, with the technical experience and attention to detail to make it happen.” Michael O’Brien Director, FWR Group & Affiliate to AtKisson Sustainability (AUS/NZ)


“John Cameron has been a special guest speaker at recent public forums organised by The Brisbane Institute. On each occasion, he has delivered a well-researched, thoughtful and thought-provoking presentation. He skilfully links the topic with the dominant interests and professional backgrounds of the audience to produce a highly engaging presentation. Audience feedback has been extremely positive in each instance, As such, we thoroughly recommended John in any public speaking role.” Julie Ustinoff Brisbane Institute

‘…John is an architect who understands building. His plans are great to work from, and they save time and reduce hassles on site. You can always rely on John to come up with a good solution.’
Chris Raggett, Builder

“We had used an architect before, so we knew a little about what to expect. We put our trust in John to come up with the ‘right house’ for us… and he did. John’s design was more adventurous than we were initially comfortable with, but we went with it, and now we love it!”

Gerry Rooker, client

“John transformed our ’70’s box into a tropical home so far removed from the original we have forgotten how bland it was. Now we’re talking to John about the Pool and landscape we want to really finish the house…”
Jesse Chadwick, client

“We gave John a brief to come up with a layout and an image for our practice that was pretty challenging. He made it all come together in a tight space with a difficult shape to work with, yet it all works very well.”
Dr. Scott Salisbury, client

John Cameron Architects: Testimonials