Tiny Offices on Wheels

Tiny Office on Wheels - Solo

Tiny Office on Wheels – Solo cutaway view

In 2020 more of us have started working from home, either by choice or by necessity. Our homes are typically not well set up for use as workplaces, particularly if there is more than one person needing to work or study, not to mention the risk of being Zoom-bombed by a partner, child or pet! A Tiny Office on Wheels might be just the solution you need?

Many of us are by now acutely aware that the kitchen counter, dining table and/or media room are not the most ergonomic or even practical of work areas. Working from bed gets ordinary very quickly too.

It may be possible to renovate part of your home to adapt it to better suit work requirements, but how long will you need to, or want to, continue working from home? Is it a good idea to spend money making changes that may only be needed for maybe a year, maybe less? Is there even a suitable space to convert?

If you are sure that you will need to be more often working from home in the foreseeable future, and you have the space to convert without compromising the functioning of your home, then a fully integrated home office is possibly the way to go.
On the other hand, if you only need something to tide you over until “the new normal” sets in, whatever that may be, and you have space on your land, a Tiny Office on Wheels might be just the solution for you.

Tiny Office on Wheels - Solo

Tiny Office on Wheels – Solo

Work/life balance

A free-standing office will also help you to separate work and family life. This is perfect for those who frequently participate in on-line meetings, need telephone privacy, and/or have work related visitors. A free-standing office also means you can still “go to work” and perhaps more importantly, go home again at the end of the day. This helps to maintain a routine and preserve work/life balance.

Our recent web-searches for portable offices turned up a great many products on offer that are firmly in the portable-cabin/site shed category. Great for construction sites and muddy boots, but not such a good look inside or out for a suburban setting. To address what we perceive to be a gap in the market we have been exploring design concepts for high quality Tiny Offices on Wheels.

Like a Tiny Home, a Tiny Office presents inside and out to the same standard as a new home or suburban office. These offices are transportable, so they arrive on-site almost ready to go, with minimal installation. If access is tight they can even be craned in to your back yard.

When associated with your home Tiny Offices don’t necessarily need to be plumbed in as you can use the kitchen and bathroom in your home. This saves time and money. Potentially the only connection you will need is electricity. This may even be in the form of a caravan-style power lead.

Solar panels and battery storage are also an option if you want to be completely autonomous.

Larger footprint designs can be configured to include toilets, bathrooms and kitchen facilities, however, the more features you include the higher the build cost, as well as the added costs for services connections.

The most basic offices are really quite simple buildings, which helps to keep the pricing reasonable.

Being portable, these buildings can also move if you do, or be sold off and removed if no longer needed.  Local government planning codes may apply. We can assist you to obtain all necessary approvals.

Testing the market

We have developed three variations on the Tiny Office on Wheels theme to test the market;

The Solo at 4 metres long (8.6 square metres internally):

Tiny Office on Wheels - Solo

Tiny Office on Wheels – “The Solo”

The Tandem at 5 metres (10.8 square metres internally):

Tiny Office on Wheels - Tandem

Tiny Office on Wheels – “The Tandem”

Tiny Office on Wheels - Tandem

The Tandem cutaway

The eXecutive at 6 metres (13 square metres internally) including a toilet:

Tiny Office on Wheels - eXecutive

Tiny Office on Wheels – “The eXecutive”

Tiny Office on Wheels - eXecutive

The eXecutive cutaway

The Solo is perfect for one, with space for hosting small meetings:

Tiny Office on Wheels - Solo interior

The Solo interior

The bigger layouts can accommodate two permanent work-stations, or simply provide a more spacious workplace for one.

Tiny Office on Wheels - Tandem interior

The Tandem interior

Tiny Office on Wheels - eXecutive interior

The eXecutuve interior

Endless possibilities

You don’t have to choose any of our trial layouts – let us customise one for you. Bespoke design is what we do, so the possibilities are endless.

Our core values include sustainable and ethically sourced low VOC finishes and support for local manufacturing. Inclusions shown are for illustrative purposes only. We can customise Interior layouts, features and appointments to meet your needs and budget.

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