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In this post we outline our top tips for working with your architect to get the most benefit.

Have you ever watched Grand Designs or similar reality television shows? We sometimes see home owners taking on project management themselves to save money. This does not always end well, but it often makes for interesting viewing.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your ideas become reality. That sense of “I did this” is quite rightly something to be proud of. We get that. We’re here to help you.

Check out some of our testimonials to get a sense of past client’s experiences.

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Tip number one: Relax.

“Relax.” Easy to say, sometimes hard to do? Design is a process that takes time. The most important thing to remember up front is that you don’t need to know everything from the start. This is because the design process, done well, will bring all the pieces of the puzzle together in the end.

We sometimes get a sketch plan, layout, and/or image(s) from our clients along with words to the effect of, “this is exactly what we want.”  The implication is that by being so specific and providing clear instructions it will save time and money. It is great to be prepared and we really appreciate that, but to get the most value from working with your architect you need to engage with them, not just direct them. Relax and go with the flow. Allow us to add value.

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Tip number two: Preparation.

If you are inclined to draw your own plans, by all means do so. Just remember we will treat them as a starting point, not the be all and end all. Drawing or collecting plans, scrap-booking images, visiting home shows and display homes are all great preparation activities. The more that you do before our first meeting the better prepared you will be to brief us.

We have a Houzz page where we can collaborate with shared ideas books.  This allows you to collect your scrap-book of ideas and share it with us. Private ideas books are not visible to others unless we invite them to participate.  Once set up, we can look at your ideas and also share some of ours, which you can review in your own time.

We also have some Pinterest boards you might like to look at.

If that is not your thing, don’t worry, we can take the lead and present you with a range of ideas, options and possibilities as we work through your design process.

The jargon term architects use for the preparation phase is “writing the brief”.  We always start with understanding your brief.  We also know from experience that a brief will evolve as the design process progresses.  Some of the best outcomes are quite different from the original brief.  When that happens it means the process is working properly.

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Tip number three: Understand your appetite for risk.

Making or modifying buildings always carries some risk. It is one thing to take on a risk knowing that you are doing so. This happens all the time;  Crossing the road for example.

Most people are averse to taking on the unknown as the risk involved is by definition also unknown.

But how do we know what we don’t know?  This is where professional advisers can really add value.  We identify risks and help you to understand and manage them.

One of the early risks we seek to eliminate is “will I be able to do what I want to do on this parcel of land?”  We guide you through the process of identifying opportunities and constraints on your land and help reduce the risk of being knocked back when seeking approval to build.

Another common fear is the risk of a budget blow-out.  What if you have committed to a project and the costs keep rising and rising?  We have tried and true strategies for helping clients manage their project costs.

If you have a huge appetite for risk, fantastic; Lets go for it!

If you have little or no appetite for risk, then you should strongly consider appointing a professional to help manage it with you.

JCA_Taringa Forest_working with your architectSumming up: Working with your architect to get the most benefit.

  • Give us a mandate to add maximum value to your project.
  • We do this by listening to your ideas and understanding your goals.
  • We guide you through a design process that will open up new possibilities and hone in on the aspects that really matter to you.
  • Along the way we help you to manage risks and keep your project on track.

Our commitment to you is that we will strive to add more value to your project than the fees we charge. We do this by bringing our training, experience and creativity to the table.  We implement a design process to ensure nothing is overlooked.  Further, we are flexible in the range of services we provide based on your desired level of “hands-on”.

Our aim is to make working with us as your architect a journey of delight and reward.

Get in touch to arrange an initial no-cost, no-obligation consultation where we can explore the possibilities for working together on your project.